Icon-60The following is based on In-game data and has not been confirmed by Developers.

An unused Boss

Enkidu is a Tier 6 Unused Boss located in Region 6.

Attack List

Skill Description
Spell might
Protect Gain 50% Mdef for 3 Turns
Spell might
Slow Gain 50% Eva for 3 Turns
Spell might
Charge Deal 1.6 Atk
Spell might
Basic Deal 1x Atk & 1x Matk
Spell might
Swap Attack Swap Atk and Matk

Possible drops

Slot Name Quantity Chance to drop[1] Sell Value
1 Always
2 Always
  1. Lowest number is chance to drop for D grade Quest result. Highest number is for S grade Quest result.