Please post any Bugs you find in the game here. If you already see a bug listed please do not post it again. Thank You.

Not all users will experience every bug, but Monster abilities will affect all Users.

List Current BugsEdit

AndroidUnrecognized icon nameUnrecognized icon name
  • Closing the App while Enchanting will reset counters.
  • On the Battle Report screen Hero Health is not rounded up, shows decimals.
  • When selling a stack of Items of mixed Grade, canceling the sell may revert all items in the stack to the lower Grade.
  • Heroes should remain unlocked after meeting requirements, however, prestiging is locking them again. (Tyler is aware.)
  • Blind Fury does not give any Crit bonuses.
  • Closing the App on the battle report screen will cause the Quest to fail.
IOSUnrecognized icon nameUnrecognized icon name
  • IOS Users cannot view Ads for Reward Tokens or upon Quest completion.
  • IOS cannot buy the expansion. (Tyler is aware and fixing.)
  • Sometimes when clicking on a Hero to open the map a blank screen is presented. (Tyler is aware.)
  • Sometimes when clicking on a Hero's icon a blank screen is presented.
  • Clicking through the battle report to fast will leave a golden button on screen. Restart App to clear.

Changes in Beta V2.431 (Current highest version)Edit

  • Mana shield: fixed and updated description.
  • Mana shield II: fixed reflect (completely reflects all matk now).
  • Fixed descriptions for Divine strike, Vicious strike I & II, Serenade (according to how it


  • Cleanse (Cleric) and Unbreakable (Warrior/Paladin) should now remove poison effects.
  • Cheap Shot, Puncture, Twilight Strike. Now deal only damage listed in description. (No Basic Attack anymore)
  • Fixed bug with multiple stacking of Song of Courage, Song of Defence. (No longer gives 0.5x times # of Heroes boost)
  • Fixed bug when rogue can evade poison damage for all party.
  • Crit % Prefix is fixed. (Renamed Cdmg)
  • Mdef on Torun Plate corrected
  • Worldbreaker is now crafted by the Woodworker
  • Certain Customers when clicked on causes a Black screen. (This is caused by Prefixed or Suffixed Relic (Red) items. (They have a Rare rating of 8, and there are no selling coefficient for this rarity yet.)) ---Fixed
  • Weekly Bosses now attack first
  • Balor Skill description updated
  • Skill description for Iron Hide, Harden, Requiem, and Dark Flame, Perish Song updated
  • Sometimes when sending Heroes on a Quest the Quest will complete instantly. Quest time is as -21382729 and your Hero is dead. ---Fixed
  • Fixed the wrong experience for multiquest or party quest after restarting the game
  • Fixed low sell price for items if game was restarted in the process of selling
  • Fixed high sell time for enchanted item, item after canceling sell
  • Crafters now display proper experience gain during XP event
  • Back button on Android devices now should work properly (same as clicking in-game back


  • Fixed error when player click through finish quest overlay too fast (black screen\freeze occured)

Changes in V2.43Edit

  • Ap equipment fixed. (You must re-roll any old items)
  • Speed and Xp visually fixed.
  • Block, Shield, and Evade AOE exploit fixed.
  • Magic Missile damage corrected.
  • Critical Eye Passive fixed.
  • Magnotaur added to the Weekly Boss schedule.
  • Clicking through the battle report to fast no longer will leave a golden button on screen.
  • Swift Strike no longer hits AOE.

Changes in V2.41Edit

  • Ap on equipment fixed
  • Speed and Xp visual bug fixed
  • Magic missile deal 1.2x matk (down from 1.4x)
  • Magic missile II deal 1.6x matk (down from 2x)
  • AOE Block/Evade/Shield fixed
  • Critical Eye Passive fixed (now +5 crit)
  • Flame Breath description fixed
  • Magnotaur added to Weekly Boss schedule

Changes in V2.23Edit

  • Aspect Ratio fixed
  • Javascript crashes fixed
  • Lava Whip - 2x Atk +1x Matk
  • Demon Slash - 1.8 Atk + 1.2 Matk
  • Cerberus Claw - 1.4 Atk +1x Matk
  • Hydro Slash - 1.2 Atk + 1.2 Matk
  • Snap - 1.8 Atk + 1x Matk
  • Skorge Slash - 2.5 Atk + 2.5 Matk
  • Unholy Cleave deals 1.8 Atk + 1x Matk
  • No more .5 Gold rewards (auto rounds up)