Please post any Bugs you find in the game here. If you already see a bug listed please do not post it again. Thank You.

Not all users will experience every bug, but Monster abilities will affect all Users.

List Current Bugs

Android androidIcon android
  • Closing the App while Enchanting will reset counters.
  • On the Battle Report screen Hero Health is not rounded up, shows decimals.
  • When selling a stack of Items of mixed Grade, canceling the sell may revert all items in the stack to the lower Grade.
  • Heroes should remain unlocked after meeting requirements, however, prestiging is locking them again. (Tyler is aware.)
  • Blind Fury does not give any Crit bonuses.
  • Closing the App on the battle report screen will cause the Quest to fail.
IOS iosIcon appleios
  • IOS Users cannot view Ads for Reward Tokens or upon Quest completion.
  • IOS cannot buy the expansion. (Tyler is aware and fixing.)
  • Sometimes when clicking on a Hero to open the map a blank screen is presented. (Tyler is aware.)
  • Sometimes when clicking on a Hero's icon a blank screen is presented.
  • Clicking through the battle report to fast will leave a golden button on screen. Restart App to clear.

Changes in Beta V2.431 (Current highest version)

  • Mana shield: fixed and updated description.
  • Mana shield II: fixed reflect (completely reflects all matk now).
  • Fixed descriptions for Divine strike, Vicious strike I & II, Serenade (according to how it


  • Cleanse (Cleric) and Unbreakable (Warrior/Paladin) should now remove poison effects.
  • Cheap Shot, Puncture, Twilight Strike. Now deal only damage listed in description. (No Basic Attack anymore)
  • Fixed bug with multiple stacking of Song of Courage, Song of Defence. (No longer gives 0.5x times # of Heroes boost)
  • Fixed bug when rogue can evade poison damage for all party.
  • Crit % Prefix is fixed. (Renamed Cdmg)
  • Mdef on Torun Plate corrected
  • Worldbreaker is now crafted by the Woodworker
  • Certain Customers when clicked on causes a Black screen. (This is caused by Prefixed or Suffixed Relic (Red) items. (They have a Rare rating of 8, and there are no selling coefficient for this rarity yet.)) ---Fixed
  • Weekly Bosses now attack first
  • Balor Skill description updated
  • Skill description for Iron Hide, Harden, Requiem, and Dark Flame, Perish Song updated
  • Sometimes when sending Heroes on a Quest the Quest will complete instantly. Quest time is as -21382729 and your Hero is dead. ---Fixed
  • Fixed the wrong experience for multiquest or party quest after restarting the game
  • Fixed low sell price for items if game was restarted in the process of selling
  • Fixed high sell time for enchanted item, item after canceling sell
  • Crafters now display proper experience gain during XP event
  • Back button on Android devices now should work properly (same as clicking in-game back


  • Fixed error when player click through finish quest overlay too fast (black screen\freeze occured)

Changes in V2.43

  • Ap equipment fixed. (You must re-roll any old items)
  • Speed and Xp visually fixed.
  • Block, Shield, and Evade AOE exploit fixed.
  • Magic Missile damage corrected.
  • Critical Eye Passive fixed.
  • Magnotaur added to the Weekly Boss schedule.
  • Clicking through the battle report to fast no longer will leave a golden button on screen.
  • Swift Strike no longer hits AOE.

Changes in V2.41

  • Ap on equipment fixed
  • Speed and Xp visual bug fixed
  • Magic missile deal 1.2x matk (down from 1.4x)
  • Magic missile II deal 1.6x matk (down from 2x)
  • AOE Block/Evade/Shield fixed
  • Critical Eye Passive fixed (now +5 crit)
  • Flame Breath description fixed
  • Magnotaur added to Weekly Boss schedule

Changes in V2.23

  • Aspect Ratio fixed
  • Javascript crashes fixed
  • Lava Whip - 2x Atk +1x Matk
  • Demon Slash - 1.8 Atk + 1.2 Matk
  • Cerberus Claw - 1.4 Atk +1x Matk
  • Hydro Slash - 1.2 Atk + 1.2 Matk
  • Snap - 1.8 Atk + 1x Matk
  • Skorge Slash - 2.5 Atk + 2.5 Matk
  • Unholy Cleave deals 1.8 Atk + 1x Matk
  • No more .5 Gold rewards (auto rounds up)